Microcraft Complete Filling System:

The entry point for small capacity bottling.

This small filling line allows small producers to start bottling with a high degree of control over, Dissolved oxygen pick-up, excellent fill level control and hygienic construction.

The system allow for filling of pre-carbonated or bottle conditioned products.

Max filling pressure 2 bar, allow filling of beer or cider at around 5-6C with 5-6 gms/l CO2

Two operators can fill approximately 600-700 bottle per hour.

The line comprises:

  • Bottle buffer rotary table.

  • PSL bottle labeller

  • Ink jet coder printing onto the label

  • Bottle loading table for placing the bottles into the carrier baskets.

  • 6 head recirculative bottle rinser. Can use PAA media.

  • 6 head long tube pre-evactuation counter pressure filler

  • Flow-meter filling system (patent pending).

  • 6 head crown capper

  • All stainless steel construction.

  • System includes the option for recirculative CIP with dummy bottles.

  • CO2 control system.

  • Vacuum generator.

  • Filled bottle rinse spray.

  • Control panel with PLC and HMI by a touch screen.

  • Bottle size range 250ml – 750ml.

  • Guarding to UK safety requirements.

Can be housed in Hepa air filtered housing.

Designed by TT Optimal fabricated in Poland with process system and software completed in the UK.

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