TT Optimal Carbonator 

 The TT Optimal carbonator is an ‘in-line’ system using the a high pressure saturation holding tube.


The system takes in the beer via a de-gas vessel and onto a multistage pump capable of delivering the beer into the carbonator at high pressure.


The system works by measuring the volume of beer flow and adding to that the amount of CO2 required using a mass-flow controller.


The amount of CO2 required is selected via a touch screen and the control system takes care of the CO2 addition by weight.


The advantages of this system are very high level of accuracy and low volume of beer in the system, giving small losses and ease of cleaning.


There is no manual tweaking or adjustment required, it just does what it’s told to do!


The Systems components are all skid mounted on a stainless steel box section chassis with a small footprint:

         500mm x 1000mm x 1800mm in height.


Control system is Siemens with Bronkhorst mass controller and Siemens HMI.


  • Capacity 1200 LPHR but higher output also available.