Here you will find our back catalogue of projects, to give you a little flavour of what it is we do.

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Craft Beer Bottling at Bluestone Brewery

A complete project to enable beer to be bottled on site. Covering beer filteration, labelling, coding, filling and crowning. Plus basic quality checks and setting up the CIP regime.

Cap Crowning PET Bottles

To install a free standing bottle crowner modified to apply crowns to PET bottles. A difficult crowning application due to the top load required to crown the bottle and its lack of rigidity.

Filling Water Bottles at Holywell Spring Water Malvern

The Holywell Spring water plant in Malvern is the oldest bottling site in the world, with one of the smallest spaces to install a filling line. The old coach house has been converted for filling and an automated line installed filling up to 2000 bottles per hour. The project included water handling, design, Filling line built in the UK installation and training.

Pack Palletising at Westons Cider

An existing Cheops pack palletiser modified to increase the output from 25ppm to 42ppm.

Using customers existing equipment and adapting the layout and controls to increase the performance. Changing the philosophy and software to achieve higher capacity.

Checking the CO2 Level in a Beer Keg

A simple way to check in keg CO2 levels after filling.

I also make a mini-keg carbonation tester to use on keg filling systems.

Low-Head Waterwheel Generator